Morrow Sloan was created out of a shared passion by sisters and fellow entrepreneurs, Jennifer Morrow Eident and Kelly Sloan Eident.

The sisters always dreamed of creating and running a business together. Jen, the CEO of the marketing agency Morrow Lane, and Kelly, the fashion designer behind I'm Your Present, combined their talent and energy to create this socially conscious brand that gives back to the community. They are now lucky to have convinced their Mother, Susan Morrow Eident to join the team! Martha Stewart better watch out ;)!

Morrow Sloan aims to bring beauty, glam and fun into everyday life with our handmade and carefully curated  products while supporting a cause the sisters are very passionate about: empowering female entrepreneurs and adolescent girls. A portion of all proceeds goes to supporting this cause.


While both sisters have taken  quite different paths to building their individual companies, they share an appreciation and gratitude for the opportunities they have had to pursue their passions. They are deeply thankful to have been raised in a family who has supported them and believed in them every step of the way, always encouraging them to follow their hearts and reach for their dreams and creating opportunities for them to do so no matter the situation. They’ve learned that being comfortable with failing and having confidence in yourself is essential to being an entrepreneur - and adolescence is a crucial time for young girls to learn these vital lessons. As the sisters spent the majority of their teens living in the Middle East, they are particularly passionate about supporting young women who overcome the biggest barriers. Many of the products are from or inspired by their global adventures, particularly Morocco, India, Egypt, Kenya, Japan and places in the Middle East, Asia and South America.   

The charitable contributions from Morrow Sloan go to global initiatives that breakdown these barriers as well as support high-school girls from at-risk and low-income communities by giving them the opportunity to learn the skills - and build the confidence - to start a company or pursue a career and education in STEM, business or design.

If you have, or know of, an organization that matches this criteria please feel free to reach out to us and join our growing list of organizations and initiatives we support!


All of our jewelry is hypoallergenic and a lot of our products are handmade and the majority are made or designed by us. But we have also partnered with select brands we love to feature their products including: